About MGDC

What’s the Midwest Game Developers Conference®?
The Midwest Game Developers Conference (MGDC) is the Midwest’s largest professional game industry event.

MMGDC attracts over 6,000 attendees, and is the primary forum where programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games and virtual reality gather to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry.

This market defining conference features over 50 lectures, panels, tutorials and round-table discussions on a comprehensive selection of game development and VR topics taught by leading industry experts. In addition, the MMGDC expo showcases all of the most relevant development tools, platforms and services helping to drive the industry forward.

History of MGDC

The Midwest Game Developers Conference is an alternative to attending the national organization conference (MGDC) that takes place once every two years. It began in 2007 as a result of a growing game development industry in the Midwest .

Initially, MGDC was focused on computer games, but the industry has now diversified to the point that it includes any number of platforms, such as dedicated gaming consoles, handheld devices, mobile, smartphone and tablet devices, online, computer games and is expanding into the emerging VR and AR space for games and entertainment. From year to year, MGDC continues to define market innovations and provide insight into the future of gaming.

The MGDC Advisory Board

Passion is the essence of the MMGDC Advisory Board. These seasoned industry professionals volunteer their time every year to help construct the 50+ MGDC conference sessions. They work to ensure that the quality of the content provided to attendees is high-level, relevant, and timely. Their dedication is critical to the success of the conference. Read about the extraordinary members of the MGDC Advisory Board.